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“We got tired of being landlords”

“We had moved out of town a few years back and thought it would be easy to keep our old house and simply rent it out. We had a tough time finding good tenants and got fed up with the last tenant who made a mess of the place and had not paid rent for seven months. It also got to be too difficult driving 300 miles to take care of the problems. We contacted We Buy Upstate Houses.com and after discussing various options sold them the house. They took care of the tenant, they took care of the repairs – everything!”

-William & Martha

"We wanted to work with someone we trust"

"We had owned a large double in the campus area since the 1940’s. After my husband suffered a mild heart attack the property maintenance and upkeep got to be too much to handle. We called We Buy Upstate Houses.com not knowing what to expect and after they answered all of our questions, we felt comfortable selling them our home. We received a fair price for our home and would highly recommend We Buy Upstate Houses.com to other homeowners looking to sell"

-Bruce & Edna

"We needed to sell fast"

"Over the last year, our property had been listed with several different realtors and we had not received one serious offer. The house was vacant and we were growing tired of making two house payments and not knowing if and when our house would ever sell. We decided to call We Buy Upstate Houses.com and after our initial meeting we had contracts in place. Within 60 days, they had rehabbed the house and paid off our loan."

-Ken & Carol

“We needed to move on with our lives”

“Eric had just gotten a new job back in Oklahoma while at the same time I was expecting. The problem was our house wasn’t selling through our realtor and we had just signed a contract to have a new home built in Oklahoma. Needless to say we were stressed, and we needed to find a better way to get things wrapped up in town so we could get on with our lives. Although we were skeptical at first, we called We Buy Upstate Houses.com and we liked what we heard. They demonstrated a willingness to work with us and within 4 days had our problem solved.”

-Eric & Whitney